Hi there!
I am Faith Johnson, creator of GOODWEIRD Art LLC., and I was born and raised an artist.

I am a full-time illustrator, painter, designer, and kid at heart.
My home is in Fort Collins, Colorado, and I hope to encourage creativity in my community by showing others that survival is possible by doing what you love to do. Having been born and raised in an art studio, I have been painting and exploring various artistic processes and materials for as long as I can remember. I have an extensive background in facilitating and curating art experiences, and look forward to contributing to more. 
As for the future, I would love to teach contemplative arts, operate my own Non-Profit gallery, and keep on inventing, like my heart depends on it.


GOODWEIRD is an attitude.
GOODWEIRD is different, and beautiful.

GOODWEIRD is saying to yourself, "Let's play today."

GOODWEIRD is the force that paints those dusty corners gold.

GOODWEIRD is pushing your limits to their fullest potential.

GOODWEIRD is self-acceptance within your own eccentricities.
Perhaps, you've got a little bit of GOODWEIRD in you, too...

Thank you for taking the time to climb inside of my head.
Stay tuned for more exciting projects in 2020~