Faith Johnson was born in Fort Collins, CO. Having grown up with both parents as artists - she, too, is carrying on their legacy. Throughout her life, Faith has always been fascinated by the details of her surroundings and how the world’s beauty is represented through nature and heard through music. Naturally, she was drawn to illustration. The interest was cultivated during her teenage years and further developed when she began to paint murals for her community.


   After being offered her own studio in a warehouse full of creatives, Faith delved even more into her career as a Public Artist. The paintings are only part of the narrative. She uses the practice of woodworking to create functional art that can be seen in homes, festival stages, and film sets. It is a collaboration between the artist and her mind’s home. She feels that the artistic exchange between space and the artist opens up many opportunities.


   Faith has also specialized in gallery management, specializing in exhibition curation. Her favorite kind of art show would focus on community involvement with an interactive response. She is also pursuing a residency of her own, and aims toward working internationally.

Faith currently lives and works in Fort Collins, Colorado, surrounded by the mountains and it’s biorhythms.